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I am the discussion leader for this post. (Which is why my blog post this week is a basic summary of the reading). I will read over some of Aaron's points and then open the floor with my two open ended questions below.

The aim of Aaron's chapter is to scrutinize "the relationship between queer and TV."
She summarizes three avenues that this relationship can take including the "queer and now" (with New Queer Cinema that either reflects the sexuality of the creators or through the gender roles of the characters), the "sweet queer-after" (with relooking at classical television in history) and the "queer re:" (with the questioning of the viewing experience in general). Later she brings up the fourth avenue, the "extraterrestrial" that represents the queer community operating independently from television.

Aaron's approach in her discussion emphasizes queer as an intervention or political strategy versus marking some high point of gay. The history of homosexuality in what Aaron repeatedly describes as the "Aids era" is what keeps queer television daring and defiant in New Queer Culture.

So I would like to open up a basic discussion about what you thought about the article.

What point(s) do you think Michele Aaron wants us to take away from her discussion of queer television?

How well do you understand the relationship between queer and TV after reading this?

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