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It was interesting reading this article because Becker references shows that I was familiar with all growing up. I definitely agree with what he says about the increasing popularity of using homosexuality as a centered theme in plots. After reading this, it will be interesting to look for the types of examples he refers to in television today in comparison to reruns that were shown in the 90's.

I also think reading this article played off well with the recent election and the marriage amendment. Becker mentions how people starting become more familiar with the idea of gay expression, and it is now even more so prominent. People are more aware of homosexuality in the media not only because of the campaign, but because of the results of the voting. It shows that times are changing, similar to how Becker describes changing times in 90's t.v.

Lastly, I think that it is a compelling argument for Becker to say that "it
was useful to certain viewers for whom watching prime-time TV with a gay
twist was a convenient way to establish a "hip" identity." I can relate to this with almost anything in the media that is different because it makes me feel cool to be unique and experience something that is not normally on t.v. (How many 90's viewers felt about homosexual television shows).

DQ: What do you guys feel about gay television today- do you think that it is "out of the ordinary" to turn on a television show and see homosexual characters? Or do you think that it is very normal, or as if television broadcasters are over pushing its exposure?

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