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I found the Becker article to be very interesting. I never realized the background behind how gay television became so readily excepted in American society. When I was born in the 1990's, is when people started to realized their needed to be more diversity acceptance. This was shown through a variety of different social programs in the US that sent the message of inclusion and affirmation of differences. According to the article, universities were on the forefronts of these messages through admission policies, course requirements and ethics codes. This is very clear to me after all the classes I was required to take and how I was admitted to the university.

The section I found the most interesting in the article about how words or phrases are considered PC or politically correct. I think PC was created in order to sound inclusive to all without offending. I have always found phrasing things in a politically correct way to be hard to do for a few reasons. First, at a certain point, being PC just gets away from what a person or thing truly is. There are only so many ways to say someone is black, African American or African. Also, a word or phrase can still offend someone even if it is said in a nicer or different way. This came up when a person in class asked if it was ok to use the word queer. I am a big believer in not offending people with my words but sometimes being PC is a little too much.

Another example that comes to mind of being PC, was in elementary school when they called a Christmas party a holiday party. Clearly it wasn't a holiday party because there was no Hanukkah or Kwanzaa elements. Why can't they call it a Christmas party when that was clearly what is was? Do people believe that being politically correct toward other cultures is necessary? What would America be like if we were not politically correct when it came to different cultures?

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