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In Jackson Katz's article "Advertising and the Construction of Violent White Masculinity", Katz talks about masculine violence, and particularly masculine violence "of the mass media in producing, reproducing, and legitimating this violence". Katz talks about how normalized white male violence has become in media and advertising. Katz also talks about the persistent images of masculinity in the media, and particularly images that show that "'real men' are physically strong, aggressive, and in control of their work". Katz goes on to state that these messages and images "requires consistently reasserting what is masculine and what is feminine...To equate masculinity with violence, power, and control". Katz then goes on to talk about several recurring themes in advertising targeting men. Katz states three specific themes which consist of "the angry aggressive, White working-class male as an antiauthority rebel; violence as genetically programmed male behavior; the use of military and sports symbolism to enhance the masculine identification and appeal of products; the association of muscularity withe ideal masculinity; and the equation of heroic masculinity with violent masculinity". Katz then talks about each of these recurring themes individually, providing examples from Eminem to "Clinique for Men". Katz concludes her article by calling for an examination of areas "where violent masculinities are produced and legimated", saying that "this will help us to understand more fully the links between construction of gender and the prevalence of violence, which might then lead to more effective antiviolence interventions".

The question is, how are these messages of masculinities affecting our young and adolescence males? Should be concerned? Is this something that is normal, particularly for men to feel a resonance with violence, or is this something that is largely produced by the media? How is the media affecting how men view their own masculinity? How is the media making men more violent? Is the media encouraging violence? What are some of the ways that we can encourage antiviolence interventions?

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