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In Karim H. Karim's article entitled "Narion and diaspora: Rethinking multiculturalism in a transnational context", Karim talks about the effects of multicultural and ethnically pluralist populations in migration accepting states within the transnational context. Karim also talks about how various nation-states are coming to be re-conceptualized "in accordance with transnational media, transportation, commercial and social links of its residents". For Karim, many nation-states now have citizens who have many different multicultural backgrounds. Because of this, the transnational contexts are changing, causing us to rethink how multiculturalism is affecting nation-states, government, and people.

The question is, do we agree with Karim? Is this something that we should be concerned about? How do these ideas affect nation-born citizens versus migrated citizens? What are the positive and negative consequences of having such a diverse multicultural population? Does this cause people to lose their ethnic identities? If so, how can we prevent this?

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