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I found this article to be very interesting. Most people realize that violence seen on the TV encourages people to do violent things because it makes socially acceptable to do so. I never thought about how advertisements have the same affect. According to the article, historically symbols of masculinity are associated with potentially having power over another person, like having big muscles or an angry face. Creators of advertisements use these symbols to cell products to men by sending the message of "if you use this product, your masculinity is still intake."

In my life I was trying to think of examples of male products that have advertisements like this. The first example I thought of was Axe body spray commercials. These commercials always seem to involve some average looking man that is being followed by woman in a sexually way and ends with a tagline of being dangerous. This makes it seem like in order to attract women, a man needs to be dangerous and violent and that axe can make them that way. Why do advertisements use violence to sell products to men? Why is violence associated with masculinity? Why would a man today still feel like he needs to prove his manliness?

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