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Aaron's article was a very interesting article to read and analyze. The layout of the article involves three initial "avenues" then she address a fourth avenue later in the text. They are broken down by "Queer and Now", "Sweet Queer-after", "Queer re", and finally "extraterrestrial". I thought that she brought up very interesting ideas. The first avenue probably made the most sense to me because when looking at the homosexual cinema scene it does seem that a majority of the films are being produced to reflect and show the audience the creators sexuality and how it has affected them. For some reason as I was reading this section I could not help but relate it to when we discussed the "transgender gaze" and the reasons why the creator's made the films.

The other part of Aaron's article that made me really think was how she kept bringing up the "Aids era" and relating it to the current "queer television". Personally, I have never really thought about this idea at all, probably because I did not live through the "Aids Era" so I do not have to much of a background. Yet, her arguments did seem to make sense because even while looking at a current program like Modern Family. In the show there are two of the main characters, Cam and Mitchell, who are happily married. Instead of the show being subtle about the same-sex marriage they are right in your face about it. For example Cam is a former football player who is extremely flamboyant about his sexuality. This proves her argument that queer television is daring and defiant.

Discussion Question: Aaron made a lot of very interesting points regarding "Queer Television". Do you think that after reading this article you are now going to view TV programs differently and understand the messages more, or will this not affect the way you view shows like Modern Family?

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