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In is very evident that the media we consume everyday has a very good amount of sports. This article points out that sports are everything when it comes to the "big" media/news items. I completely agree with this. Sports are one of the only things in the media that have different outcomes on a consistent basis. That is what makes sports such a new-worthy topic. It does not matter if it is in-season or out sports will always dominate the news circle. One topic I thought was very interesting in Johnson's article was when he was talking about how major networks team up with pro leagues. I thought the part about HBO first getting involved with sports in the early 70s started the "super-station" phenomena that we are a part of today. Now almost every major media producer have some sort of sports network. For example Disney has ESPN and General Electric (NBC/Universal) owns VS network. I think that this is pretty interesting to think about. Now in order for your station to become one of the best you must also have a sports network to accommodate to the millions of fans.

DQ: Do you think that there will ever be a genre of media as big as sports? If so, what do you think it will be/is?

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