Blog and DQ for Johnson, Everything New is Old Again

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Living in a state with no professional football team, or basically any sport team was a total bore to me. Moving to Minnesota totally changed that, I saw sports everywhere, on billboards, hats, mugs, my college, tv, phone cases, and so much more. As for sports broadcast, we can obviously see that is everywhere. Sport will never die down because it will "constantly be producing new material." I like how Johnson started out with mentioning the Olympics then of course America's most watched sport football. I can say for myself, I will agree with the notion of watching sports on our mobile devices is a very recent breakthrough in media spreading, yet is growing very fast. I am evidence of this myself. During the 2012 London Olympics, I used my smart phone to follow almost every medal and specifics regarding my country and even downloaded the app for the Olympics. News about sports will never end because something that just happened will be old news once someone makes a better catch, once someone places gold, makes a new record, or even has a really bad foul. Regarding sports, the new materials soon becomes old and our fast paced media allows this to happen. Before our new "era" and all these developments, were we rarely able to watch this portable sport with us everywhere we go without data on our smartphones, nor could we know who won gold, or made a touchdown, other than through the radio. So as we see instant replays and follow the sport programming blow, we should be glad to see how fast we can see updated material. The funniest line I believe Johnson says is that watching the sport online is better than actually "being there." There are so many advantages being at home, because of the media. We love those instant replays, those close ups, slo-mo's, and almost everything else our own humans eyes ad brain can't do in real life at that very moment when that football is being caught! so my DQ is this, how much better can Sports Programming get, what improvements (either necessary or not.) can be made and is there anything else we can compare to this?

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