Blog and DQ for "Nation and Disapora"

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I am leading the discussion tomorrow so I will keep this short. This article was a very interesting read. The idea of disaporas is something I have never really thought of before. I think that this is because I have always lived in the same nation I was born in so I never really thought about what it is like to live somewhere else. Personally, I thought the most intriguing part was when Karim is talking about how immigrants can never fully adopt to the new culture. No matter what they will always have some of the same values that they grew up with during their formative years. Pretty weird to think about if you ask me. I guess I have always thought that it is rather easy to pick up the values of citizens. It would be very cool to watch and analyze the lives of people who move to a different country later in their lives. This would give you an idea about how difficult or easy it is to become part of a different society.

DQ: Do you think that multi-layered people will eventually become the norm and single-nation individuals will become the minority?


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