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I thought this article did a good job of shedding a light on and putting into perspective, common representations of disabled persons in the media. I liked how Riley talked about the role that economics plays in the misrepresentation of people with disabilities in the media, pointing out that the image makers/ decision makers should ultimately be held responsible and even scrutinized for such misrepresentations. In addition, I found the section of the article titled "How the Media Transform Disability" to be significant from an economic standpoint through it's use of history in economics, such as the social security act and the Americans with Disabilities Act which helped bring the issue of disability discrimination in the workplace into light. Riley made a good point that although the ADA sought to drift away from the medical model, it still managed to split the world into 2 categories: disabled and non-disabled. The medical vs. social models of media and disabilities was definitely one of the main underlying arguments of Riley's, in which he argues that the vast majority of problems in the representation of people with disabilities can be traced to the medical model.

I found it interesting that broadcast companies, magazine companies, etc. see Disability as an input as opposed to an outcome, in which they serve a demographic that can be used to measure what type of readers/ listeners they will attract. Riley acknowledges that although "decision makers" should be sensitive to their disabled audience, it is in their best interest to worry about reaching the largest audience possible Do you think the Media Industry is generally insensitive to its disabled viewers? If so, do you think it is justifiable given their job requires them to target demographics? What are possible ways of getting around bad representations of disabled people in media?

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