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So the author is saying that sports and sport programming dominates our culture, that it is a symbiotic US cultural institution. And she also says how it is equipped for the pre and post network eras, it receives and develops all the new technologies as well as some other things that it receives. I was kind of confused on what she was trying to argue I guess. I agree with her about the attention and perks sports receives but I what was her reasoning behind this? Or concern? At the end she mentioned women's sports not getting any attention. I wasn't sure if that was the answer to the so what question. She mentioned women's hockey, which by rule has no hitting, fighting, contact. That is basically what hockey is. That's the culture and a huge part of it. If you can't hit in women's hockey I couldn't see it being watched. I think that sports and the competition that surrounds it is what makes people so excited and love it so much. People identify with "their team" and feel excitement and joy out of it. You cant get that with anything else really. It never gets old because its always new and live.

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