Brent Stensrude Decoding Ads

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I agree with Judith Williamson when she says advertisements are selling us more besides consumer goods, that they are selling us ourselves and that we use manufactured good as a means of creating class differences. I found a few ads for Harley Davidson motorcycles because I thought it related well to totemism. There ads differentiate between certain groups of people/consumers. They also try to sell much more than just motorcycles, or try to sell other things with their bikes, such as freedom or patriotism. My question would be is it Harley that is selling this and getting people to "want" this lifestyle or like this look? Or is Harley conforming their own look to meet that or their consumers? Back in the day the bad ass rough biker guys with tattoos road motorcycles and it was cool to be a biker. Did Harley take that image and run wanting to be the best brand for that social class? And nowadays tattoos and motorcycles are much more mainstream yet Harley sticks with the rough bearded lone ranger.

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