Brent Stensrude Masculinity

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The overall message in this essay seems to be that media and advertising normalize male violence and portray violence as "masculine". Katz goes on to talk about the relation between males, and power, control, and violence. Through a variety of advertising, music, military, sports, etc Katz says that we expect men to be "manly" (strong, aggressive) While yes, men are generally physically larger than woman (because we are an animal species in which males typically grow larger than females, just like gorillas at the zoo) there are other reasons beyond this that get men into thinking they should be strong. We have talked a lot about how men are responsible for the way women want to look and dress. Because it is a male dominated society people say that women think they need to look the way men want them to. Well I say, same with men. In general, I would say it's safe to say women want physically fit, toned, attractive men. It isn't pure size but its our cultures addiction to physical appearance. Just like men think women should have a petite hour glass shape, women seem to want men to have a the triangle shape, with broad shoulders and defined muscles so men buy into the advertisements for muscle growth etc. Men are forced in our society to feel like they should be "ripped" and strong just like women are pushed into thinking they should be thin and buy make-up. When it comes to the act of violence itself, Im not quite sure. I agree with Eminem in that young males grow up idolizing his violent messages, I would disagree with the point about the Norwegian Cruise saying "Rape is a desirable past time" and that real men have always enjoyed it. Um, no. When it comes to films, is it really the violence we like? or is it the action? The action that can only be developed through the use of violence, car chases, explosions, and gun shots. I would not say that sports advertising is disproportionately involves football players. Seems to be athletes of all kinds. Do we use large football players in ads because they are "manly"? or because our culture sees professional athletes as icons, a person to look up to? America idolizes the easy life style and money that athletes receive. Football is a physical game in which you need large muscles to beat the other team, so naturally football players are large. Just like good swimmers are long and slender.

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