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Here's my blog/discussion question from yesterday. Didn't want to give anything away before class!

In her introduction she lays out her key points and gives some background information. She is focused on analyzing how sports have, in the past, and still continue to shape our technology/media structures.

Putting it simply, Victoria wants to convey to the readers that sports, especially the NFL (National Football League), have two qualities that make it the "epitome" of network-era television when it was in it's prime, and that sports have encouraged networks with econommic & technological troubles to use sports to bring in a mass audience for their networks.

Some of the main points that she brings up are:
1) Sports programming is unpredictable, it's not always featured during primetime. It also is live, so when it goes over it's expected time frame is interrupts primetime.
2) Sports on TV has been something that introduces new media technology.
3) Sports on TV is "ideologically safe." I think this means that sports on TV won't create/reinforce a negative ideology **ASK PROF B4 CLASS.**
4) Viewing rituals are often communal and public, meaning you want to watch them with friends rather than at home all by yourself. I agree with this, it is more fun to share success than to have it alone. Who do you High-Five after the Timberworlves score? My kitten doesn't high-five..
5) Water-cooler aspect: it's what a lot of people talk about it at work, school, etc, so if you want to engage in conversation you have to watch it, live.
6) Sports are the only thing that has had such a big impact between the network era and the post-network era.

- network era: "the big three" ABC, CBS, NBC 1952-mid 1980's
- post-network era: when there became a wider range/more channels and so on

1) Do you think there should be some kind of title 9 for broadcasting when it comes to sports? What's wrong with girl sports? Isn't this just reinforcing the dominant male society?

2) Since football clearly plays such a big role in television, hypothetically, what do you think would happen to television if it suddenly stopped? No teams renewed their contracts... just BAM, bye-bye football.. ?

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