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I have never been a huge sports fan but I do enjoy watching or attending games on occasion. Although I do not like sports, they are a huge part of American culture and will continue to have several million viewers in the future. I never realized just how much money sports make and cost for television networks. This article didn't even mention how much money is made from sports merchandise through advertising.

The main argument I received from this article was that although there are new ways to watch sports via other mediums besides the television, there are still 4 major networks that control all sports media: Fox, ABC, HBO and CBS. I didn't realize that these networks figured out ways to make watching sporting events in the comfort of your home an almost better experience than watching the game live. This is concept is just crazy to me although I understand that sporting venues can only hold so many people so the television networks must make the viewing experience at home worthwhile. What does sports television have more viewers than other types of television? Why does American culture value sports so much?

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