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One of the issues or tactics I 've come to discover from this class and this article is how powerful words are. The definition of words heavily persuade people and one of the tactics for opposing the other side is to define a word. Examples of this can be seen all over the place but one that we talked about in class is the word Feminism. Another, which was featured in this article is PC, or Politically Correct. In general, these examples embody positive ideas, equality for women and being culturally aware/sensitive of others. But these words are hijacked to the point where the word is taboo. The opposition creates a definition of the word that's inaccurate not true to its real definition but once it becomes accepted by the public, the new definition overtakes the real one.

Another issue I noticed in this article is the media's materialistic portrayal of the gay community in the 90s. Judging by their portrayals you'd think that being gay meant being affluent. And although there's statistics that back that up, it creates a stereotype. The lack of representation of lower class gays like we talked about earlier in the semester translates to their lack of power. And I'm not very sure that we've changed much. I can't think of much representation for this group in America. This leads to my Discussion Question: Are there any media representations of lower class homosexual persons? And what kind of effects does that have for them and for the rest of America?

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