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As I read RIley's article on Heroes of Assimilation, I noticed many true aspects. Before even reading the article, the title alone gave away how and why media is negatively related to those with disabilities. It mentions the economics aspect, meaning that disability is poorly used for money making reasons. This may be fully true, or some part not true, There are many media texts out there who include disability to gain the audiences' attention. Of course Riley mentions, (which I totally agree with, the more severe and obvious disabilities rake in the leaves. This is how economics control everything. Through money making, you'll gain power and through media in a very strong and effective way. In this sense, Riley is saying how the media misuses disabilities for economical power. The more people may be guilt tripped by this ad or any form of media text regarding disabilities the more "successful" that media text has become. Yet Riley says that no disability story is successful in media because its pure misuse. He also mentions to not blame us the audience for being "gullible" into this show, but yet the producers, those who are behind the scenes. As the society defines disability, it gradually leaves out the uncommon ones, and goes unnoticed. This makes it really sad to see that anyone with the smallest disability (either they choose to be proud of it or not) go unnoticed just because the world doesn't recognize it as a disability. As we follow the politically defined version of disability is helps rule what is true and not, yet the media should not exaggerate these definitions keep them as realistic as possible.

DQ- Media likes to include some aspect of a disability, perhaps to allow the disabled to not feel left out, however it seems like reverse psychology, it can be misinterpreted. Those who are disabled in the media text is exaggerated and can actually make people who feel the same way feferent because of its poor imagery. Do you believe that media in general with poor disability representations make a disabled audience (or even the non disabled offended?

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