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In Johnson's article, he talked about how sports have played a very prevalent role in the media. It has become something that is consistent and the sports programming that was on a select few networks and stations, is now a main focus and can be viewed on many of the major stations. According to Johnson, sports programming and the topics they speak about have become more relevant to popular culture, therefore make a lot of sense for other stations to take advantage of. It has become consistent which shows that it appeals to a diverse type of audience and will be viewed in high-demand. As with other topics, sports programming has also created its own segment of viewers in a sort of community. This makes up for a portion of the viewers, but the programming is watched often by a wide variety of others. This makes the sports to be so successful and a constant story to run because the networks know that it will pay off. Many stations and networks now have jumped on the bandwagon of adding either a whole station just for sports programming or at least having a segment for it. This is a smart decision because they are able to reach many more viewers. I think this is because sports are easy enough to connect to. They make it easy to be able to follow teams and stats so many consumers use it as a past time. With it being such a dominant thing, it makes sense that it also dominants the media.

DQ: Do we think that this really is a problem? We even see sports dominating is more local and even university outlets as well, so do you think there should be more of a focus on other topics or is it fine to have something that the nation can "bond" over?

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