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I was very excited to read this article because I am a huge fan of sports. Growing up in minnesota I am attached to all the teams here, the vikings, the timberwolves, the twins and others. In this article Johnson proposes that media has a huge part in sports and i completely agree. You can't watch any sports team with out it leading to some sort of advertisement. You watch the Vikings play football and they clearly point out, "this is the mall of America field' this has now advertised for the mall. You watch the twins play and you get hit with advertisements about target because they play on target field. Never mind the fields they play at, the commercials for other products during breaks in the game is where they throw tons of advertisements in cause they know how many people watch these games. Now supporting the article, I think every big named network has a show for sports because its what the people want to see. They also have these shows because its different from news, or TV shows, there are variables that can cause other teams to win and to lose and this is why the viewers watch. This is also why the networks and media love sports because we are all suckers for it. ESPN presents news on sports all year round, we watch it everyday, the media around sports has gotten to be the way it is because of us, the viewers.

DQ: Do you think the media around sports will ever go away? Do you think it ill lessen?

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