Johnson: Sports TV for Multi-Platform Era (Blog and DQ Post)

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I'll admit, I wasn't very excited to read this article because I am not a huge sports fan. Thus, I don't watch that much sports TV. However, Johnson made some very insightful points in this article that I actually found very interesting.

Overall, I think she did a great job explaining how different sports TV content is because it is so ever-changing and important to our culture. Before reading this, however, I had never really put much thought into the unpredictability of sports programming and how difficult that must be to plan! I really liked her main thesis that the hybrid quality of sports programming make it the "epitome of network-era television" and allow networks to capitalize on its "inherent" (p. 123). This forced me to appreciate the breadth of options sports give media creators when presenting the material. I don't know of any other subject that can be so widely distributed on different mediums with such success (except maybe for politics, but only during elections).

Q: Johnson talks about the ability to be spread to multiple media platforms as a positive property of sports. Do you think there are any negative implications of having sports everywhere? (Having a boyfriend, I can think of a few....)

Q: Just because I don't know much about this, where does Fantasy Football fit into all of this? Is FF just another commodity of the NFL used to promote viewership? What are the positive/negative implications of giving fans this fantasy?

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