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I've read about the demise of newspapers for the last 6 years and am still wondering when they're finally gonna kick the bucket. Not hoping, but just waiting. I've come to realize that, with the help of the Steven Johnson article that newspapers will not become extinct, they will just evolve with the changing media culture. I used to have Starr's mindset, thinking that the sky was falling, it was the end of intelligent and responsible journalism! That's a bunch of crap. I think it's becoming the exact opposite in fact. If anything, there will be more responsible journalism with eyes and ears everywhere. Now, there are so many different ways that the news is brought to us, including newspapers, whether it's through blogs, vlogs, twitter, or an established old growth news outlet. It's actually kind of becoming frustrating to incessantly hear about the demise of the future. I don't agree, there will be more accountability and higher quality and more representative journalists bringing us the news. I'm not saying that some really good journalists won't lose their jobs as the news evolves because that's already happened as Johnson points out, but I sincerely think that we're headed in a great, exciting direction.

These articles reminded me of the ones we read earlier in the year about our decreased attention span and how it's becoming harder to read long books because of the Internet. While I do agree with this, one of the positives they pointed out in the article is that young people are able to learn a lot through the Internet because they're learning to read different sources and process the information really well. I think this is perfect for news stories because that's essentially what they are: Short bits of information. I think that the Internet had some negative aspects but I think one of the most positive aspects is the immediacy and delivery of news.

DQ: Do you think that the we're headed into a desert or lush forest as Johnson described? What are some signs for a desert/forest? Where do you get your news from and how do you get it? I'm curious to see what sources we trust and think about if those were even available to access before the Internet.

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