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Karim's article "Nation and Diaspora", brought up some interesting points. He talked about the presence of a melting pot. I think that is definitely a good point to make. We have many different cultures found here and I think that is what makes this place so special. It does however make the people who are in different groups feel somewhat disconnected because they do not have a strong connection to this culture, but not necessarily to their culture back home. He also brought up another point about multiculturalism and how it lies within the state lines rather than a global thing. It was interesting to me how many different other policies were taking the back seat because it was all just categorized as multiculturalism. I'm not sure if I understand correctly what Karim was getting across, but what I think he was saying was interesting for sure.

My question is with the presence of multiculturalism, do you think it should be something the government should address to have a diverse culture? Or not? And if so, do you think it should be at state, or national level?

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