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Reading Katz' article on Masculinity stated the unintentional obvious. It was nice to see the examples of the rapper Eminem and how true all the facts stated were. I have never come to realize that sure there is a lot of femininity and issue with it, but has anyone ever thought of masculinity issues? (DQ) So perhaps a male may not want to look like crazy built, go around with only violent looks on his face, with a very built body, yet this is exactly what the media portrays. Just like how most females are portrayed, (and we all complain about) not all men may want this violent looking male attire as well. Katz gives many advertisement examples of how excessively masculinity is portrayed. For example of the yelling face on an album cover, people in military outfits, niche's, football, and sport like environments. All of these advertisements make is seem that all of this "incorrect" masculinity is "okay." As people (mostly younger boys) look towards these commodities and become influences by them, they receive the message that masculinity is violence and that is okay. They can work towards this goal because the media says so. So as many people know that this form of masculine advertisement is incorrect, why is it not going away..

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