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I agree with Katz point of view about the negative impact of mass media on people's perspectives and identities. I especially think this is true for younger generations because they are constantly being exposed to older heroes (usually fictional) which causes a role model effect. However, if these heroes are using violence as a way of being dominant and heroic, this creates an image to all men that aggression is effective and masculine. Violence in the media is a common debate today, but it is especially interesting how Katz related this to only males because for the most part they are the ones who demonstrate the use of guns, fights and murders.

The other area of the article that I agree with is that we should be changing the violence in the media. Not necessarily eliminating it, because a lot of stories rely on violence as a way of expression. However, I do think that the media can normalize what we see in regards to violating women, showing gory kills and tormenting innocent people as a way of entertainment. If these types of acts were less exposed, I believe we would see a change in how males view the world/themselves.

DQ: Do you think that the primary concern of violence in the media is the exposure to young teens? Or do you think that it is negatively affecting all ages of men, which is not only a psychological problem, but a crime problem as well? (In other words, does exposure to violent men in the media affect boys more than grown men.)

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