Towards Queer Television Theory

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In Aaron's article, "Towards Queer Television Theory: Bigger Pictures Sans the Sweet Queer After", she argues that there are four major components that make up "queer" television. They are:
1. Queer and Now
2. Sweet Queer After
3. Queer re
4. The extraterrestrial

I thought this was a pretty interesting article to read, and the author did a very good job of explaining her theory. I have seen several shows that have gay characters but I had no idea that they had so many different characters. One show that the author referenced was Six Feet Under. She mentioned how one of the main characters sexual identity influenced the show and the character itself. I have never seen the show before, so I'm very interested in watching it in class. I believe it will help put the author's points into perspective. The show that came to mind while I was reading was Modern Family. This sitcom features an extended family and includes stories about everyone's lives. Two of the main characters are Mitchell and Cam and they are a gay couple with an adopted daughter. If I were to put it in one of the subcategories above, I believe the show would fit into "queer and now." I think this because it looks at what it is to be a contemporary member of the gay community. Overall, this was a thought provoking article that helped me understand a little more about the gay community in the media. I'm hoping that tommorrow's class will help to explain it a little better however.

Do you believe that the gay community is accurately portrayed in today's media? If not, in what ways is it inaccurate? Also, how has the portrayal of the gay community changed over the years in television and movies?

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