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This article was pretty interesting, especially reading it from a female point of view. To me, this article was almost like the counterpart to how we have been looking into how the media shapes women. I'm glad the guys in this class now have a chance to have something to read that is more relatable! :-)

On page 350, Katz writes, "This chapter is an attempt to sketch out some of the ways in which hegemonic constructions of masculinity in mainstream magazine advertising normalize male violence. So basically, it is media that is constructing this view and it is become accepted by our society. Katz also makes a good point by saying that violence is a quality that most people view as masculine. And he uses Thelma and Louise to point how that when women are portrayed as violent, it "touches a chord." (I think what he is saying here is that when women are violent there is usually a surprise factor, saying, "yes, this is out of character.") -?? Any ideas on that?

I liked that on page 351, Katz says, "These cultural heroes first rose to prominence in an era in which working-class White males had to contend with increasing economic instability and dislocation, the perception of gains by people of color at the expense of the White working class, and the women's movement that overtly challenged male hegemony." I feel like this kind of relates to the way that when some women feel insecure about their place in the world they reach out toward sexual power to maintain their place in society. It's something that they feel like they can hold onto (both the men and violence/women and sexual power). There are also points that Katz brings up such as advertising and violence, movies and violence, etc. I guess my discussion question could be connected to this blog... So for the guys in this class, do you think that there is a way for advertising to get your attention without the use of violent masculinity? If so, what does that look like? And just a thought for us girls, do you think all ads need to be super girly in order to sell us make-up and stuff like that? I mean, I wouldn't buy the make up if it made someone look unattractive... hmmm interesting interesting.

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