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Williamson's article Decoding Advertisements had me thinking of ways in which I am influenced by advertisements. Admittedly, I buy fashion magazines just for the ads. I find them appealing because the designer's clothing is featured in these advertisements through a different type of media, as seen previously on a runway. The ads either portray an ideal brand image or create a scenario in which the clothing would be worn.

Oftentimes designers use expressive imagery to entice the viewer of the ad. Overt sexuality is most commonly used to create attention surrounding the ad and its intention, creating social awareness of the brand.

Another example of expressive imagery used in fashion advertisements is gender role-playing. This example often plays off the idea of sexuality but creates itself a type of secular identity between two types of individuals. Masculine ads are portrayed in a manner that makes the man in the ad seem gritty and violent. This man could be surrounded by scantly clad women with a drink in his hand, a ' la James Bond. Or the man represented in the ad holding a gun appearing to have a rough exterior. Femininity in fashion ads is shown through women behaving in ways that they appear demure, coy, and doll-like. Women are shown lounging on a fainting couch in their evening gown or appearing lost in though walking through a garden. Gender roles are represented in these ads to differentiate the physical differences as well as the social differences expected from each sex.

The imagery displayed in fashion advertisements are used to invoke emotions, to cause a sensation, and to create opinions through criticism. I cannot think of one ad that I viewed that I did not have an opinion on. With out a doubt the fashion industry has mastered the way advertisements persuade.

DQ: Will there ever be a time when advertisements do not have the power of influence over our society? I wonder this because our society currently is inundated with advertisements wherever we go and whatever we do. Could there be a chance that our society will become numb to all of this imagery we are surrounded with?

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