12/3 Blog Entry & DQ: Steve Johnson - Old Growth Media and the Future of News

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Steve Johnson's "Old Growth Media and the Future of News" provides insightful information on why the ecosystem of technology news is so crucial. Johnson believes that the emerging news ecosystem is truly doing wonderful things. However, we can't expect the public to be in favor of such innovative technologies, when there is a plethora of individuals that still take pride in simply sitting down and reading the newspaper. Although, there is a lot of more noise now within the media, I feel as if people have the right to choose where to get their news from. For example, one may look in to the classified ad section of a newspaper for a job. Another individual may read The Minnesota Daily for strictly sports news. Another individual may read BBC News online (www.bbc.com) for international news, especially if they have family elsewhere. Young adults, such as college students, may read Twitter for news. It honestly all varies and depends on the individual, and I believe every type of news outlet is just as important as the other.

Another important perspective Steve Johnson brings up about the ecosystem is how it will ultimately look like: News - Commentary - Curation - Distribution (starting with news, going up to distribution). This diagram was interesting to me because I do agree, that before news actually are made public, there is a lot of commentary from bloggers, and curation from social media. Personally, I do not think this is a bad thing, and as Johnson says, it is an improvement and it will eventually get better and better. I am thankful for how far the ecosystem of news and media itself has come today. Sure, I enjoy how rapidly and easily exposed I am to the news via the Internet, yet still value newspapers.

Coming from Steve Johnson's perspective, do you believe there is still room for newspapers today, in other words: Do you believe newspapers have a future? If so, for how much longer do you think they will be around? If not, why not?

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