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In the reading titled "Three Dimensions of iCulture" written by Mark Andrejevic, he discusses the many different ways in which technology can be incorporated into our society today, and in many fascinating and innovative ways. I was fairly familiar with the product Nike iD created by, obviously, Nike, however, I didn't know/realize the many different benefits that they specifically reap from doing this. I found it to be quite fascinating that they are able to base so much research off of the specific design choices that people make when they are choosing to create a shoe on Nike iD. They are more or less able to run a free, constant, extremely accurate focus group. When they are able to see what is popular when kids, people, etc design their shoes, they are able think to themselves what colors would sell best in the shoes that they create to sell for real, and I just find this to be so brilliant. I also find it great because I can completely relate to this because I truly feel like when I am shopping sometimes that I think to myself, "I would buy this if it came in this color instead of this one!". It's so funny how the world works in that way. I am sure that there are plenty of companies that do similar things to this and I think that its brilliant.

DQ: Do you think that iCulture has truly made a large impact on the retail world? If you do, what do you think has had the largest impact? If not, how do you think that iCulture can help the retail world progress in the future?

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