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Anderjevic has written a really compelling article with "Three Dimensions of iCulture". He starts it out by talking about iCommerce at first then has three other sections titled iCulture, iMonitoring, and iPolitics. His main argument throughout the entire paper is that while the corporate giants try and make you believe you have the ability to use the interactivity like NikeID and other customizable applications on the internet yet they are actually just facilitating and "managing" the consumer in a top-down form. He does not believe that we actually have self-governance from the interactivity and inter-connectivity. This was very interesting to me for a number of reasons. I have always thought that the interactivity the Internet and new technology provides is giving us more control over what we do. Another thing that stuck with me is when Mark talks about how the corporate giants are foes of individuality. To me this was very confusing because now it seems like most companies are actually trying to market towards creating individuality. For example, the new Windows phone lets you customize your home screen but then again you can look at another phone, the iPhone, and see that maybe this is true considering every single iPhone basically has looked the same since it came out.

DQ: What do you think the future will bring us in terms of individuality available in the marketplace? Do you think it products will become more diverse or is it the opposite and they will continue to all be very similar?

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