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Mark Andrejevic's article Three Dimensions of iCulture was fun to read because it dealt with recent trends and issues involving the internet and how it's turning marketing on its head. The most intriguing part to me was when Andrejevic wrote about DJ Dangermouse's "The Grey Album" and the cease-and-desist order he received from EMI. Because of this cease-and-desist order, people rallied together to support the remixing artist and raised even more awareness about the album.

A while ago I read an article that referenced how different America and Japan are with their creative freedoms. The creator of a Japanese virtual pop star spoke at MIT about opening up the pop star to her highly creative fans. Fans made art, fan-fiction, music, lyrics, poems, games, etc. all based on this pop-star. "The idea was to compare that approach to the practices of a company like Disney, which would be more likely to sue anyone who attempted to create their own versions of a Disney property. "The students came up to me afterward and said, 'He really gets it. The future is about open source,'" an MIT professor said."(Wired) This article also spoke about how when the creator decided to let the public create their own image of the pop-star, her awareness increased drastically just from word-of-mouth.

So returning to Andrejevic's article, he makes a point of how everything created in America needs to be licensed or needs permission to be used for anything at all. Choosing to relieve these binds on creative fans could do wonders for a company. It would bring about a whole new type of interactive marketing. When a fan can shape a brand to match their own desires they are more likely to become loyal to the brand and, like Andrejevic stated, they will do the marketing and research for the brand.

My discussion question is this: Do you think there is a way that this sort of creative freedom could backfire with a brand? Can you think of any examples?
Can you think of any brands that could implement this idea and benefit from it?

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