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Andrejevic's article is a very interesting concept to think about. He talks about the technology we have today, the future, and how we it affects us as a society. One of the biggest technologies today is social media. Now it is nearly impossible to find a person who does not have some sort of social media. Facebook has over 1 billion members and its only growing. Also, an interesting point my dad talked to me about is that employers actually are more skeptical of potential employees if they do not have a Facebook because then they think that they are hiding something. The episode of How I Met Your Mother was a very good example of the problem with technology in our world today. Ted tried to stay away from using social media to get a better understanding about the person he was dating but in the end fell to the pressure. This is exactly how people are in real life now. As soon as a person meets a new person they immediately look them up on Facebook and can then see many of their likes, dislikes, photos, and etc. It will be interesting to see just how far social media goes, especially Facebook, and if it will be a larger or smaller part of peoples lives.

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