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Andrejevic's writing address the technology that we have today, what we are developing, and how this affects us as people and as a country. He discusses the implications our technology addiction could potentially have and the downward spiral that this love for interactivity could lead us to. Technology interferes with the way people interact and well as some potential democracy. In the screening of how I met your mother, this same scenario was in a way played out. The character continuously needed to do "background checks" on all the potential people he was going to be dating. It showed how easy it is to get any one persons information simply by doing some research online. While this may have been a little over done, considering my personal skills anyway, it was not far from the truth. If you know what you are doing and where to look, you can pretty much track any one anytime and discover what they are doing, and what they have done. He was so addicted to doing background checks of people even when he promised not to he still ended up doing it to the woman he really wanted to meet. He ruined his chances with her thinking she had killed 3 husbands when in reality she was an amazing person. This shows how accurate Andrejevic is as he considers our addiction to technologies and surveillance of one another. I wonder if people actually do this before they go on dates with one another? I know it's possible to subscribe to websites that allow you to do background checks and receive information on people. It's kind of scary to know that something as simple as creating a Facebook or Twitter can lead to all or a large portion of your personal information being sold to or looked at by basically anyone, whether it's for demographic use or marketing operations.

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