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I was excited when we were going to tie in the Andrejevic reading to a clip from "How I Met Your Mother" because I just started watching this show about a month ago and I find it hilarious. I also really enjoy when teacher's are able to apply material to something that genuinely interests me in my personal life, it definitely makes me appreciate the article more. Anyways, I thought that the article had some really good points, specifically regarding the internet. I think that our generation has taken the whole using the internet thing a little too far and the limits in which we have for trusting things that we read on the internet are slightly out of control.

Andrejevic talks about how easily we are able to access information regarding many things on the world wide web, but specifically, and even more scary, how we are able to access information about people. Ultimately, you can discover anything you want about people in a matter of seconds on the internet, but to decide if it is reliable or not is up to you. The character in the show that we watched in class in faced with a similar situation and ultimately caves in an uses the internet to find out information about a girl.

This State Farm commercial reminded me of this situation so I thought it would be fun to post it, here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmx4twCK3_I

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