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I found that this article had many points that made sense once I thought about them for a while, but the article itself was written in a way that was sort of confusing. After we had our class discussion and watched this clip from HIMYM, I really began to understand the full meaning of what Andrejevic was saying. This show is known for talking about real-life issues that happen in our current world. From the media, to relationships, and even just simple interactions, this show has got it covered. I personally have watched every episode of HIMYM, and have seen this particular episode several times, but I never analyzed it the way I did after reading this article. In the episode, Ted is trying to find his soulmate (nothing new), but this time he wanted to try something different. Instead of looking her up on the Internet, he wanted to try to relationship without social media/the web being involved. He ended up failing at this and losing the girl, but it is interesting to see that he really had trouble with this.
Andrejevic talks about the positive and negative sides of "iCulture" becoming so popular. He talks about a site where authors can contribute anonymously, but still get their work out there. To me that relates to how social networking works. Yes, a name is usually attached to someone's account, but the premise is mostly the same. Many people put up information that they would not necessarily share with people in real life - in a sense being anonymous. Rather than being totally anonymous, they are now allowing people to find many things about them- true or not true. Just like in the HIMYM episode, Barney and Robyn find out things about Ted's love interest that were definitely not true, which is why he took the plunge to look her up himself. While there is a lot of information that can be true, many things can get twisted, and I think it is important to try and retain as much privacy as possible. The Internet is a great place to share ideas and talk with other people, but privacy is a big issue. We also lose the sense of a good relationship because we rely on the Internet to give us our answers. Just like Ted did with his relationship, we can strike out too if we don't value face-to-face relationships and privacy.

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