HIMYM and Andrejevic

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Comparing the How I Met Your Mother episode "Mystery vs History" from Season 7 to Andrejevic's article on iCulture was very interesting. I love the show HIMYM and it was so funny because those characters are so distinct and Barney and Robin would definitely do that to Ted. In a world these days, all people do these days are really sit around with their smart phone. Just yesterday I actually went to a premiere screening of The Hobbit (which was great!)and they actually don't let you take your phones in the theatre by the order of Warner Brothers, and body scan you, it is intense... but while my friend and I were starting we were talking about the Tolkein books, and every time we didn't know something I would reach into my bag.. try want to google it, but before I grabbed my bag I remember I left my phone in my car.. haha so yeah, instead of just using a phone, for the original purpose of a phone to phone someone.. we use it for so many other things with its advanced technology, some for the better and some for the worse. With any form of connection, we can search for anything with our fingers and these capable phones. Robin and Barney demonstrate this through this episode.
As Andrejevic talks about how the freedom on the web is limitless is very true. People can put almost anything on the web, from false info to wayyyy exaggerated info. which is scary because now we don't know what to trust. Also if we ever meet someone new, my friends love to facebook search them, for almost any amount of information (single? mutual friends, interests? school?, city? and so much more that facebook frighteningly allows us to give out, and of course we cannot forget the public photos..) which is one of the reasons I don't have a fb. With many pros and cons of this advancing technological world, fb for me seemed to have way more cons. As the characters of HIMYM got smartphones their conversations at McLauren's just died down as they were preoccupied by them at the table. As Robin found out that girl's identity on the web but in the end she was actually a great girl, Ted messed up the chance of a relationship with a great girl. So even with these new advancements doesn't mean we should always use them. (such as the phone gps satellite tracking on phone spouses can use to find the spouse from Andrejevic's article). These kinds of things can lead to bad turn outs..

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