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I was very pleased to have a screening of How I Met Your Mother in class. I just started watching this show a couple of weeks ago, so I am still trying to familiarize myself with the characters.

Andrejevic states how easily we are able to access information on the Internet, even about people. This is true, because after this, I found myself entering in names and you could easily find out information about someone's location, how many kids they have, or what school they went to, simply by typing in the first and last name on Google. It came up with websites just as "Family Tree" and "My Life." If you want to gain further information, all you had to do was pay a mere fee of about $9.99 or $19.99 depending on the website.

Relating Andrejevic's article to the How I Met Your Mother clip we watched in class, they are both very similar. Robin, very weary, was trying to find out about a girl's identity on the internet. However, at the end she found out she was actually a good person. This implied that Ted messed up the chance of dating a nice girl. This proves that looking up information about someone all the time isn't necessarily a good thing. It can lead to bad things. Unless you are definitely second questioning yourself, I wouldn't look up information about someone, or even go on a date with them.

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