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These two articles are very relevant in my life today. As a college student in their twenties, I check Facebook and Twitter daily. These two sites, along with a few other news sites online or phone apps, have been my main source for local and global news. I have never been much of a news junkie. I have tried to read the paper several times and it just does not seem to interest me. My parents read the newspaper daily and it almost makes me feel guilty that I don't. Mostly what attracts me to news is the headlines. If that doesn't interest me, then I do not read the article. If anything, the way the internet has transformed the way news circulates has gotten me to read the news more than I ever used to.

In my opinion, the idea that newspapers are going out of print is not completely a bad thing. Although tradition journalism has more credibility in society, the news can be more more analytical and throughout on the internet because it is not limited to a thousand words. I prefer news from the internet because it is quick and to the point, which is how my generation was raised to take information because of all the technological changes. If I want a more in dept analysis on a news story or to compare different news sources, the internet allows me to do just that. Do you prefer reading news online or in a newspaper? Will newspapers ever completely go out of print?

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