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I liked both of these articles a lot, but I feel like Johnson's peaked my interest a bit more.

I really liked how he chose to look at how the change of news mediums came to be rather than just focusing on the future like is commonly done. I had never thought of how the new multi-mediated news could really affect how real-world events play out. For example, when he talked about his following of elections since 1992 and how many more mediums of news have become involved in helping people decide to vote, it made me think, how could this 2012 election have been different if we only relied on newspapers for our news? Obama's campaign was largely a grass-roots effort that relied heavily on twitter to spread his messages. I don't even know what a grass-roots effort would look like without facebook or twitter and just newspapers. Papers would only cover stories of volunteers, but not actually advocate. I am not saying that all of the new mediums of message-sending are better than newspapers, because I honestly think their use is a little excessive sometimes, but I am positive that this election would have had a completely different feel, following, and possibly a different outcome if the only form of news coverage was newspapers.

Q: What do you guys think about the proliferation of social media, online news sites, and blogs in things like politics or war coverage vs. old-school newspapers? Good or bad?

Q: Do you think the government should subsidize newspaper companies to keep them in business in order to keep quality, professional journalism alive instead of just relying on cheap news from couch-riders' finger tips?

This leads me to the next part of this article that I found very interesting and true. Because there is now so much news out there on the web available at all times, we need an intelligent institution to pick out the most important and quality news stories. Answer: NEWSPAPERS. So true. Boom. When I think about it, they do pick only the most pertinent stories and they report them well so we don't have to fish through all the junk on the web.

Q: Do you guys agree/disagree that newspapers now act as a guiding force to help us dig through online stories to reveal the most important ones? If not, what do you think the purpose of newspapers to day is? What will their future be?

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