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Starr's article, Goodbye to the Age of Newspapers , discusses a topic that has been concerning to the newspaper industry for many years now. Being written 3 years ago, it is obvious that this topic is even more predominant today than it was back then due to the many changes in technology. People rely way more heavily on the internet to receive their information and updates (whether its via social networking or by looking up news on websites). Starr mentions that newspaper companies must seek out a new medium by posting online (and using advertising on these online posts) and I think this is something that is happening more and more. Especially with the use of Facebook, people are able to click on articles that they are interested in reading, and are taken to the site that wrote it.

I have never been a newspaper reader, but I find myself reading articles online frequently simply because a friend might post "Wow, great article" on a Tweet for example. I think newspaper companies should learn to feed off of this type of user experience because the most common demographic reading a physical paper daily is the older generation (who have grown up doing so and are less comfortable on the web.)

DQ: Do you think it would save more money completely to discontinue the product of newspapers all together? Or do you think this will eventually just happen on its own due to our generation's desire for reading online news?

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