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We've all been hearing about the decline of newspapers for a while. But they're still around. Sure, it took them a bit to adapt to the new age of technology, but they're catching up. They are aided by blogs, bloggers, writers, etc. People have way more options these days when it comes to reading the news. Don't like the way one site presents an issue? Check another site.

These articles reminded me of the ones we read about our attention span getting shorter. I side more with Starr on the issue of newspapers because it seems to me that he gets it. The world changes. Things have to change with it. The things that want to survive the change, such as newspapers, work hard to catch up. Besides, I think there might always be a few people who like things that are "old fashioned", like physically holding the thing you're reading and turning its pages with your own two hands.

People will also continue to be interested in the world. I saw a short comic today about being an average person and going through life in a really boring way. The man in the comic did nothing to stand out in any way. He lived a boring life and died without making an impression on anyone. I think most people are not ok with this kind of life. There will still be journalists who go out and dig and dig and dig for the information they want. They'll present it, and inspire the next generation to go out and do the same thing.

My question would have to be this: when are the newspapers going to be "caught up" with the rest of the world? What does "caught up" even mean?

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