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I found this article to be extremely relevant and interesting, especially considering my strong interest in Journalism as a career. Steven Johnson made several good points regarding the future of the media, and more specifically the news, all while using the past as a reference. Johnson's thoughts on the state of the newspaper industry was very interesting considering it's need to adapt to the vast changes required by the use of the internet and the way we view news today. I thought it was interesting that he thought the news is actually harder to navigate today than it was in the past when newspapers were the main source of information, referring to the internet as "more noise" that is harder to sort out. I have always viewed the internet as being both quick and convenient and easy to navigate. Do you agree with Johnson's reasoning for why the "new world" of news is far more complicated than it was in the past? Johnson even goes on to talk about the need to be a savvy researcher when navigating the internet and than goes on to pose the question of whether or not the general public uses the internet with the same skill and discretion. Do you think that most people are generally good researchers capable of sorting out bad and good news on the internet or do you think the clutter of information from both credible and unprofessional news sources are actually detrimental to society?

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