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The Andrejevic article describes the modern ways which technology is used to connect people. The article argues that modern technology interferes with the ways people interact, for an example online shopping takes away the sales clerk/customer interaction when an item is bought in person. Another way technology takes away from human interaction is possibly of knowing where someone is or doing with out personal dialogue. Much the selling point of the the false advertisement example of the Forget-Me-Not Panties, we can now track and monitor where our family members or friends are just by using GPS signals via Foursquare or Facebook. & now all phones have built-in GPS devices which signal which is used to track the location of the phone. The joke behind Forget-Me-Not Panties is still an out there idea, but the tracking device which is the selling point of the fake ad is already accessible to the general public, whether they use it or not.

Andrejevic also argued that this advance in technology becomes a way we can become more personal. His example of NikeiD shows an away where technology provides a personal services that was never possible before, giving Nike customers the ultimate customer services by giving them everything they want. An additional example is also a public interactive billboard in Times Square. The last time I was in NY is this interactive billboard in Times Square which showed photo-booth pictures of their customers which were taken in their store and then instantly posted on the digital billboard. I thought this was a cool way for a retail store to draw in their customers and at the same time advertise their brand.

On a more serious note-- instant messages, pictures, and videos which are readily available to anyone made possible with the technology of a cell phone creates a lack of anonymity. As mentioned in class, anyone can share a message or photo publicly through social networks like twitter. The messages or pictures received often times can be taken out of context and their messages are easily misinterpreted, most often due to credibility of the source.

Taking a look at both the good and bad the personal and impersonal sides of technological one can only take away this, whether we want it or not we now have made it possible to have unlimited access to information, whether this information is pertinent to our daily lives remains debatable. But one thing's for sure, technology will never be able to replace human-to-human interaction-- Although some of us wish it would.

DQs: What will be new in which advertisers and media moguls will capitalize on the ability to instantly send messages out for the public to see & could this inundate us with too much unfiltered information?

Do you think that the idea behind customization remain, will this be the way of the future and could we be allowed to show our "true" personality through our clothing?

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