Better Off Ted

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I was thinking about the segment from the television program Better Off Ted that we watched in class. Its relation to becoming media literate flew past me at first and I was focused on the dynamics of the show itself. The humor and pace of the show were quick camera shots and a constant stream of jokes. The general make up of this program reminded me a lot of The Office. A big difference between the shows was subtlety. This is important in terms of the type of self-reflexivity the individual programs are experiencing. The Office's humor is subtle and many of the jokes come from slight gestures or glances toward the camera. Better Off Ted was not subtle and it worked with their aims of a media conscious program in the center of a media driven society. Their jokes were pointed and made it clear that you were supposed to think big picture and beyond the program itself. How we might experience certain types of media in our everyday lives casually, they highlight an aspect and make the audience think further about some of the "garbage" media might be feeding us. The program is smart in its direction, but didn't have a large following.

Discussion question: Do you think the lack of success this program experienced had, in large part, to do with its pointed media commentary? Why or why not?

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