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In this chapter James Potter defines to us what exactly media literacy is. Which as he described it as "the perspective that we actively use when exposing ourselves to the media in order to interpret the meaning of the messages we encounter." He goes on to talk about what the key is to being media literate and at a high level. He states a couple times throughout the chapter that the key to developing a strong perspective is to build a good set of knowledge structures, using our skills as tools and raw material for information. He talks about the importance of information to knowledge and to not only understand the "what?" but also "how?" and "why." He later talks about the three fundamental ideas of media literacy: Media literacy is a continuum not a category, it is multi-dimensional, and the purpose of media literacy is to give us more control over our interpretations of the media. Media literacy cannot be categorized, in compairisan to a thermometer there are levels or degrees of media literacy instead of being categorized as media literate or not. There are four dimensions to media literacy. Cognitive is the fact based information like statistics. Emotional information deals with information about feelings, such as spite or joy. The aesthetic dimension is bases of what your eyes and ears decipher. The moral category serves as information about value, about what is wrong and right. Finally he states that the main purpose of media literacy is to give us more control over interpretation. What he means by this is if you have a low media literacy than you are letting the media dictate the interpretations. When you are more developed and have a higher media literacy you think much broader than the interpretations the media has on the fore front. You have a greater understanding of what is going on and you have control and options in how to interpret the information.

discussion question
Potter spoke about the importance of being highly media literate. I was wondering if you think it would be helpful to be able to measure your media literacy on a scale? Sort of to test your media literacy and see where you stack up and if you should improve your skills.

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