Defining Media Literacy

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I must say, this article was a good read. Reading it made me think back to where I had weak media literacy and the point in my life where it became stronger. The aspect of the article that stuck with me the most was the author's illustration of knowledge structures being towers on the Earth. I totally agree with the notion that having one tower can give one an enlarged perspective but that one tower only gives that person perspective of the things around them. And so it is important to have many towers or knowledge structures around the world, giving one the many perspectives, in this case, in media literacy.

The author extends this idea by portraying media iteracy as multi-dimensional. The four types of information, (cognitive, emotional, aesthetic and moral) are elements that build strong knowledge structures when all combined. I fond myself relating to this concept the most because as a news fan, it is very imperative that I remain an informed and media literate viewer to better understand the world and whats going on around me. More importantly, doing this helps me seperate the BS biased news from the actual objective news.

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