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The article "How Gay Stays White and What Kind of White It Stays" written by Allan Berube was a very good and interesting read to me. I am not very familiar with the GLBT community except for the messages that I receive through the media (Television, Internet, etc.) and school. My ignorance was brought out by the stereotypes in which Berube mentions, that "in the United States today, the dominant image of the typical gay man is a white man who is financially better off than most everyone else". I think of the shows "Desperate Housewives" or "Modern Family" and how the gay couples fit this steretype perfectly. They live in a nice, suburban neighborhood, are pretty well-off, end up adopting a sweet lovely child, and of course, they are white. To my understanding, this is proabably the biggest reason why many people associate "gay man" with "whiteness" because it is all that is given to us.

If we go to the section in the article where Berube writes about Sgt. Perry Watkins, his very open homosexuality, being African American, and in the army, we can see why there is not much more defintion to the category "gay man". He was not called upon as a witness for the Campaign for Military Service, even though he was an open gay and in the army! Was it because the group thought he would hurt their cause to repeal the laws allowing homosexuals to serve in the army more than he would help them?

Some questions I have are why are minorities represented very little/not at all in the GLBT community? Are they much different from the "gay white man"? Or are their sufferings through discrimination creates that large of a gap in their experiences?

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