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Although I found the article, written by Berube, to be very interesting and filled with good points, I felt it was somewhat repetitive and brought up the same points often. Perhaps he could summed up his information into less points yet more valuable or explored other topics along the lines of race and sexuality. I do however think this is an interesting point to address, race and sexuality. It seems as though it has come about in only the last ten years where it is more common to talk about people's sexuality. With that, Berube has decided to take one stop further and explore the various trends among races of homosexuals, specifically males.

It was surprising to read the part about Berube not feeling comfortable to speak out in regards to something he felt strongly about, when he was wondering why all the men in his HIV-Negative group happened to be white. I feel like I, myself, and many other people have felt this way if not once in their lives but many times. Although my situation was different, there have been times where I needed to speak up about something that was bothering me or that I was wondering and I did not. It was nice to relate to Berube in that part of the story.

It was interesting to read the various discriminatory acts that homosexuals have had to overcome and are still overcoming today from the perspective of a homosexual man such as the dance club in San Francisco or being enrolled in the army. As noted in the reading, I think one day we will look back and think of gay rights how we used to think of African-American rights, ridiculous to deprive them. However, it seems that from the article, African-Americans are still dealing with both forms of discrimination in some places.

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