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I was very intrigued by this reading written by Berube. It seems to be a common stereotype and assumption that is made in America, but nobody really realize they do it. I found it very interesting how society has turned towards this stereotype of white gay men who are typically well off. Personally, I was intrigued by the stories about interracial bars and how this was seen as a way of decreasing the status and reputation of a bar. This article stated that white managers were much more discriminating of other races attending these "generically gay" bars. When I think about gay rights and movements, it does not even occur to me that race can be another discriminatory factor among the gay community. One quote that really stuck with me was, "In this zero-sum, racialized world of the religious right, gay men are white; gay, lesbian and bisexual people of color, along with poor or working-class white gay men, bisexuals, and lesbians, simply do not exist" (238). This opinionated statement is so stereotypical, without even noticing it. In my opinion, this is one of America's biggest problems today.

Discussion Question: Do you feel there is still a problem with gay bars and interracial attendance at these bars as this article stated regarding lowered status and income when it becomes "racialized"?

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